About Me

I am a twenty-something born on the Fourth of July. I grew up in a town with less people in it than most people have in their high school senior class. I attended Rutgers Business School where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Management. I am a proud dog mom to my Alaskan Klee Kai, Penny Lane, and a lover of the night sky.  

 About the Blog

Petite in Pearls was born out of my love for where I live. I think I always took it for granted and never realized how much I loved it until I was living in New Jersey. Once I was back, I wanted to share my love and pride for where I live with everyone.

This blog is a modern way of looking at the classic New England style. It’s fashion, it’s d├ęcor, it’s entertaining with family and friends, and it’s a lifestyle where simplicity is more and elegance is always best. I highlight local stops, put a spotlight on places I love to shop, and support businesses based in New England. 

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