Spring Stripes + A Little Update

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe that it's already May, it really doesn't feel like it here with all the cool and cloudy days. I know that I have been a bit MIA on here lately, but that's because I am working on a big design overhaul and relaunch which should be ready really soon. I can't wait to share it with you guys!

It's not a secret that I love stripes, but I've been reaching for this lighter blue and white combination instead of navy a lot more lately. It's lighter for spring and a welcome change to the darker stripes I go to more often in the winter and fall. A lot of you asked me about this necklace on Instagram and I finally asked my mom about it because she gave it to me years ago. It was a gift from a friend of hers a long ago and then she handed it down to me, but I have linked a similar one below. If you just search tiny gold star necklace on Etsy you can find a bunch of them. Also, if you haven't already make sure that you download the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app in the App Store. I am going to try to link items more often that way so you guys can more easily shop them via screenshot once I am relaunched. Enjoy the rest of your week!

 What I'm Wearing: 

Shirt: Club De Mer c/o | Sunglasses: LeSpecs (Similar) | Necklace: Old (Similar) | Bracelet: Loren Hope 

10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Monday, February 13, 2017

1. A Striped Shirt. While striped shirts are a great wardrobe staple year round, I always find myself reaching for mine even more in the spring months.

2. A Floral Dress. Floral prints for spring are cliche for a reason. The right floral dress is elegant and timeless.

3. A Crossbody Bag. Perfect for all those parties you'll be attending now that everyone is coming out of hibernation and you are bound to have your hands full.

4. A Bright Accessory. To add a pop of fun and personality to any outfit.

5. White Lace. I love white lace for spring whether it's on a dress, skirt, or top. It's light and romantic and something about it that feels just right for spring.

6. A Denim Jacket. A great denim jacket is the ultimate spring layering essential.

7. A Classic Trench. A trench is the perfect transitional coat. There are a lot of budget friendly options but if you have a little extra money to invest in a good quality trench coat, it can last you a lifetime.

8. Fun Flats. I hardly ever wear flats in the winter because I don't want them to get ruined with snow and salt. It always feels so satisfying to break out a fun pair in the spring.

9. Wedges. A neutral and comfortable wedge is an absolute essential for all the outdoor events that come with spring. They go with just about every outfit and you get height without sinking into the grass like you will with heels.

10. Lighter Denim. Whatever fit of denim you prefer, make sure you have a pair in a lighter wash for the spring.

Let me know your spring wardrobe essentials down in the comments!

The Power of Positivity

Monday, February 6, 2017

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of negativity floating around lately. I, for one have always felt that I was super sensitive to energies both positive and negative. We have all encountered situations or people and gotten a "vibe" from them that either drew us in or cautioned us to steer clear.

Awhile ago I was reading about this Japanese man who did this really interesting experiment with water. He put the water in jars and taped positive phrases and words on the outside to some of them and negative words and phrases to others and spoke them aloud to the water. He also exposed the samples to different pictures and music. He then froze the water and looked at the ice crystals through a microscope. The water that was exposed to the positive words and music made crystals with beautiful and intricate patterns. On the other hand the water exposed to the negativity only made these ugly blob-like crystals. I thought that was so interesting, since we as humans are mostly made up of water. Everything we experience is just a combination of energetic vibration so this actually made sense to me.

There are so many beautiful treasures in this world that you can develop an interest in and surround yourself with: fascinating people, lovely things, wonderful literature, magnificent art, and breathtaking music. Don't ever apologize for walking away from people or situations that make you feel bad in any way, as they may be having a bigger effect on you than you realize. Just some food for thought on this Monday. Have a wonderful week everyone!

How I Whiten My Teeth: A Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway

Monday, January 16, 2017

I am both an avid coffee and wine drinker, so I'm always concerned about stains on my teeth. I've tried many different methods for whitening my teeth at home...the strips seem to cause too much sensitivity and other methods are either messy or don't yield results. So, I was excited when Smile Brilliant approached me to do a review of their system. This is the same exact kit that you would get from a professional dentist, but at a much cheaper price and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. I was especially eager to try something that came with a desensitizing gel to specifically help with the sensitivity problem that can come along with whitening. 

At first, making your own impressions for the trays might seem overwhelming, but it's actually really fast and easy. They even give you extra catalyst and base paste in case you make a mistake. If you read through the directions completely a couple of times before you start and make sure that you have everything ready to go, you should be fine. Once you make your impressions and they are dry, you just send them back in a prepaid envelope. Smile Brilliant sends you an email confirming they got your impressions and are working on making your custom trays. Before you know it, your customized trays will be on their way to you. 

Once you get your trays you can start whitening. I was nervous about the trays not fitting correctly because I have had issues in the past with the ones I have gotten done at the dentist, but they fit perfectly! The whitening process itself is really easy and Smile Brilliant provides you with very detailed instructions as well as photos to help you along the way. You always want to begin with freshly flossed and brushed teeth. First, you use the whitening gel and apply a small ribbon of the gel along the trays. You put the trays in, and whiten for anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how quickly you are looking for dramatic results. Directly following the whitening you apply the desensitizing gel the same way and let that work for 15 to 20 minutes. I do notice a tiny bit of sensitivity the morning after if I whiten at night, but nothing like I get with the whitening strips that I have tried. 

Just like with any whitening product, you won't notice a really dramatic difference right away. You will notice slower gradual results. You may see some strange white splotches on your teeth after you whiten but if you do, don't panic! This is totally normal and it will go away by the morning. You can read more about that here. All in all, this is definitely my new favorite way to whiten. Once I'm out of the syringes that came with my kit I'll definitely be ordering more in order to help maintain my teeth. Here is my before and after: 

The Giveaway:

Smile Brilliant has graciously offered to host a giveaway with me for for one whitening kit of your own so you can try the system for yourself! All you have to do is make sure you're following me (@laurenscorza) and Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) on Instagram, then head right here and tag a friend in the comments. Last, fill in your information here and you're all set. Good luck! If you don't win and still want to try out the product they are also offering a coupon code for 5% off. Just enter petiteinpearls5 at checkout. 

If you have any questions about the system please ask down in the comments or feel free to shoot me an email! You can check out what other people had to say about the system here.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Disclaimer: I received a free Smile Brilliant kit in exchange for an honest review however, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Petite in Pearls. 

Local Stops: Wheatleigh Hotel

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tucked in the charming Berkshire Hills in Lenox, Massachusetts rests the Wheatleigh Hotel. Built in 1893, and designed by Boston-based architectural firm Peabody and Stearns after a 16th century Florentine palazzo. Materials and over 150 artisans were brought over from Italy in order to execute the intricate carvings seen throughout the property. The land surrounding the palazzo, referred to as "Wheatleigh Park", was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect responsible for designing Central Park in New York City, as well as many other notable parks around the country. It was built by Henry H. Cook as a wedding present for his daughter when she married Count Carlos de Heredia. 

Wheatleigh has 19 rooms and suites brimming with elegance and sophistication.  The 22 acre property overlooking the Berkshire Mountains is within driving distance of both Boston and New York City, and easily accessible by private plane. The dining room at the Wheatleigh is a AAA Five Diamond Award recipient. You can learn more and see sample menus here. Their facilities include a tennis court, outdoor heated pool, massage room, and fitness room. Exclusive use of the property for weddings, meetings, private parties, and events is available. The small size of the property allows for exceptional and fully customized service.  Whether you are a local or just enjoying a getaway in the Berkshires, you have to at least drop by the Wheatleigh for a visit. 

Wheatleigh | Hawthorne Road | Lenox, MA | www.wheatleigh.com

Christmas in Castaway Clothing

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This week I am teaming up with Castaway Clothing and Tim (@preppynewenglander on Instagram) for a Christmas post. I love Castaway Clothing for summer dresses and tunics, but they also have a great selection for the colder months. They have lots of fun holiday pants for both men and women, as well as some great classic plaid pieces. Just so you know, Castaway Clothing is offering free ground shipping on all orders until Christmas so take advantage of that while you can. Let me know what your favorite piece of their's is down in the comments. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far! Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

What We're Wearing: 

On me - Skirt: Castaway Clothing c/o | On Tim - Pants: Castaway Clothing c/o

Why You Need A Classic Camel Coat in Your Life

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Everyone should own a camel coat for the fall and winter months. It's such a versatile and classic piece to have in your wardrobe. It's the perfect piece to keep you looking chic while also keeping you warm and cozy. Although some of them can be a bit pricey they are a timeless wardrobe staple that is worth investing in. They come in so many different styles so you are sure to find the perfect one for you. I love this one from Eliza J. It has a great shape that's flattering on pretty much everyone. The belt is removable so you can change up the look of the coat. It also comes in regular and petite sizes. I haven't been able to stop waring it lately. I hope you are all enjoying your week so far! Let me know if you have a camel coat in the comments and how you love to style it. 

 What I'm Wearing: 

Coat: Eliza J c/o | Shirt: J. Crew | Beanie: In the Pink (Similar) | Boots: Nine West (Similar)