Made With Chobani: Carne Asada with Mexican Style Corn

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carne Asada is probably one of my favorite meals. I wanted to lighten it up a bit for you guys so I decided to tweak the recipe to make it with Chobani Greek Yogurt. Not only does this cut down on the calories, but it also adds a layer of flavor to the whole dish. For this recipe I used the 0% Plain, but they make a 2% plain that would work great for this as well. I added some to the marinade in order to help it stick to the steak and add some tang. Then, I switched out some of the mayo for the yogurt in the cilantro lime sauce on the corn to make it lighter. Finally, I replaced the sour cream as a garnish on the tacos with more yogurt. This recipe serves about 4 people. 

8 corn tortillas
8 ears of corn
1 pound skirt steak 
Cotija cheese for garnish
Chopped onion for garnish (about 4 TBS)

For the Marinade
4 oz Chobani Greek Yogurt
Juice of 1.5 limes
1.5 oz of orange juice
1 TBS Worcestershire sauce
Splash of red wine
3 green onions chopped into one inch sections
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 TBS chopped cilantro 
Salt and pepper to taste

For the Cilantro Lime Sauce
1 raw jalapeño, de-seeded 
2 cloves garlic, minced
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1/3 cup Chobani Greek Yogurt 
1/4 cup of mayo
1/2 cup of cilantro
Pinch of salt

For the Guacamole
1 avocado
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1/2 tomato de-seeded 
1 clove of garlic, minced
1/2 raw jalapeño
1.5 TBS onion
Pinch of salt

Whisk together Chobani, lime juice, orange juice, Worcestershire, red wine, salt + pepper, and garlic for the marinade. Then add green onion, garlic, and cilantro. Marinade steak in a non-reactive bowl or zipper bag for 1-4 hours, turning occasionally. Skirt steak can be hard to find so feel free to substitute with sirloin if your grocery store or butcher doesn't have it. 

While the steak is marinading in the fridge, make your cilantro lime sauce for the corn. Take jalapeño, garlic, lime juice, Chobani, mayo, salt, and cilantro and blend in a blender or food processor until completely liquified. You just want to make sure there are no huge chunks of cilantro in the sauce. Keep chilled until it's time to top your corn.

When you're ready to cook your steak, take it out of the fridge and chop it into bite-size cubes before grilling. This allows more surface area of the steak to become caramelized, giving it more flavor. I used a silicone grilling matt on the grill so that the cubes wouldn't fall through. Cook over medium-high heat until the steak reaches your desired doneness. At the same time either spray your corn with non-stick spray or brush with oil/butter and grill it turning occasionally. 

Mix up your guacamole while the corn and steak cool, I find they're best served at about room temperature. Feel free to substitute your favorite recipe for guacamole, the ingredients above just indicate how I make mine. Or you can feel free to add or omit any ingredients that you might like or dislike. 

Now you're ready to plate it all up! I give each person two tortillas and fill with a generous portion of steak, then top the taco off with raw onion, cotija cheese, and a dollop of Chobani in place of sour cream. Place an ear of corn on each plate, drizzle with cilantro lime sauce, and top with cotija cheese. I serve the guacamole on the side in a small bowl so people can decide if they want it on the tacos or with chips. 

Be sure to head over to my Instagram for a bonus recipe for the Key Lime Pie Margarita that I made to go along with this!

Chobani asked me to create a recipe for them, but this was not a sponsored post. I use and love Chobani and enjoy making healthier versions of my favorite foods.

Another Day, Another Striped Dress

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Dress: HIHO c/o Sandals: Jack Rogers Bracelet: Lemon & Line c/o Glass: MW Coastal Goods c/o Bottle Opener: MW Coastal Goods c/o 

Location: Fort Adams State Park

Local Stops: Newport Vineyards

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I love visiting local vineyards. Not only does it support local business, but I love wine and I always think it tastes better when you form a personal relationship to it. If you can see where the grapes are grown, and hear the story behind the wines you build a deeper connection to it. Last week I visited Newport Vineyards in Middletown, Rhode Island who are currently celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The family owned vineyard just finished a two year expansive renovation including the addition of Brix Restaurant, The Market Place, and Fatulli's Bakery & Deli.

One of the greatest things about Newport Vineyards is that not only are they a great winery but they've also positioned themselves to be a venue for the community. The design is all open concept, but they have these really great barn doors that can slide and close off rooms for private events. This makes them the perfect venue for weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, corporate events, and more. They also host yoga nights, live music, clam bakes, and famers' markets.

Newport Vineyards' location is they key to its fantastic wines. They proudly grow all 30 varieties of their own grapes on about 60 acres of land. Their location offers them a unique microclimate comparable to certain regions of France. The salt water protects the grapes from damaging frosts in April, and it's also warmer in the fall because of the proximity to the gulf giving them a longer growing season. This all contributes to their status at the largest grower of grapes in New England.

During my tasting I tried several wines. For the whites I tried the Newport Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Great White (their signature wine). Both the Pinot Grigio and the Great White were sweeter white wines. I enjoyed them, but any sweeter and I wouldn't have liked them. So if you tend to gravitate more toward the sweet wines I'd make sure to try both of those. My favorite of all the wines I tried was definitely their Sauvignon Blanc, a special thanks to Greg for insisting I try it. As far as the reds go, I tried the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet was my favorite of the two, which it usually is. Then I decided to go a little bit out of my comfort zone and try an Ice Wine for the first time. If you don't know, Ice Wines are a dessert wine so this was a little scary for me. I was afraid I would hate it. However, I truly enjoyed it quite a bit and could see myself sipping on it as a dessert after a meal.

Winery tours are offered daily at 1:00 and 3:00 and hourly between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Tastings are offered daily, year round 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. In addition to purchasing a bottle or two, you can also purchase wine by the glass and enjoy it on the seasonal patio overlooking the beautiful vineyard. Please go to their website for more information.

I felt like I couldn't leave without getting the whole experience of Newport Vineyards and enjoying dinner at Brix Restaurant. The restaurant is located upstairs and overlooks part of the winery giving you a view of the winemaking process. I was starving since I didn't get a chance to eat lunch so I started with a shrimp cocktail. It was very fresh and delicious, just as it should be. For my entree I had the grilled sirloin which is served with truffle fries, arugula salad, and chimichurri sauce which I ordered on the side. The meat was cooked to perfection and was very tasty as were the sides. I enjoyed the suggested pairing of the Cabernet Sauvignon with my meal, which was a delightful enhancement to the entree. Then I decided on the champagne sorbet for dessert. It was wonderfully light and fruity but not too sweet, my favorite kind of dessert. It was really a fabulous meal with excellent service. 

All in all, it was probably the best winery experience I've ever had. If you're in the area you have to stop by and check it out. Special thanks to Cassandra and everyone at Newport Vineyards for being such a wonderful host! 

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Pop, Fizz, Freeze: Champagne Popsicles

Friday, August 21, 2015

My friend texted me the other day telling me about these frozen champagne popsicles and I got really excited, this sounded wonderful. Then I found out that they only sold them in London, so I decided to do a little research and make my own. It sounded easy enough; just make simple sugar, mix with champagne, and freeze so I made some last night. I had to wait until they were frozen and I could try them before sharing with you guys to make sure they were as delicious as I thought they would be, and they were. There's still plenty of summer left to enjoy these, be sure to let me know if you try them!

65 ml sugar
65 ml water
400 ml of your favorite champagne

Add sugar and water so a saucepan and turn the heat to low. Whisk constantly until all the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, whisk together with the champagne and pour into popsicle molds. This made about 4 popsicles in the size you see above. I had a little extra which I just froze in an ice cube tray. Let freeze overnight and enjoy responsibly!

Newport Days

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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Dress: HIHO c/o Bracelet: Lemon & Line c/o Necklace: Touchstone Crystal c/o Sandals: Jack Rogers 

I'm in love with this dress from HIHO. There is never really a question if I will like a striped dress, but this one is just so comfortable and easy. It's one of those no-brainer, give me one in each print kind of dresses. I feel like I could dress it up even more than I did here with a different bracelet and a pair of heels, but I also think I could take it to the beach and throw it on over my bathing suit to head out to dinner. It's one of those effortless dresses that you need to have in your closet. 

Beauty Obsessions: jane iredale

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I try to be really careful with what I put on my face. The most important factor for flawless makeup is having healthy skin. If you put a bunch of chemicals and crap on your face that's going to be reflected in your skin with irritation, breakouts, redness, rashes, etc. Your skin is your body's largest organ and anything you put on it is absorbed right into your blood stream. So all those chemicals in your foundation? They're going right into your blood. That's why I read the labels on everything I put on my skin and try to keep it as natural as possible.

I first heard about jane iredale while I was interning at a local all-natural skincare company. They use ingredients that are good for your skin so you can feel good about using them. They're also a Massachusetts based company so I was excited to try out a few of their products for you guys.

POMMIST Hydration Spray
I love spraying hydrosols, toners, and mists on my face throughout the day. I find it so refreshing and it gives me an energy boost. I also love giving my skin an extra dose of antioxidants whenever I can. So I was anxious to give the POMMIST Hydration Spray a try. This spray hydrates, conditions, and protects all skin types. The key ingredients include pomegranate extract (a powerful antioxidant and UV protector), white tea leaf extract, and rosemary leaf extract. I've been spraying it under makeup and over makeup throughout the day whenever I feel like me and my skin need a little lift. It feels wonderful and I think I notice a more glowy complexion. I'd love to try out the other Hydration Sprays now and see which one I like the best.

In Touch Cream Blush in Clarity
When I first opened this the whole stick fell out of the canister, so that was disappointing but I just stuck it back in and it seems to be fine. This blush is really the perfect color for me. It gives me the perfect glow. You know that saying? That the best blush in the world is a sip of champagne? This gives me that exact color without having to pop a cork. It's not super pigmented, but I think it's offers great color. I also use it on my lips every now and then instead of lipstick or gloss. It's light, creamy, and moisturizing, and it adds just enough color to pull your look together. This might be my favorite of all the products despite the mishap upon opening.

Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara
I have sensitive eyes. As much as I love my Benefit mascara when I use it, it irritates my eyes so much I find myself constantly fussing with them. Half the time it feels like there's a stick in my eye. I've used a few natural mascaras before, but they just don't seem to do anything. I couldn't even tell I was wearing any. I had heard good things about this mascara so I wanted to try it out. All in all, I thought it worked pretty great. It didn't irritate my eyes at all. It stayed on and didn't flake but removed easily with a bit of coconut oil. It's not my absolute favorite mascara I've ever tried. but it IS my favorite natural mascara that I've ever used. It's great for an everyday look when you just want to enhance your natural lashes and not wear something really heavy. Which is how I've been using it, as an everyday mascara.

Amazing Matte Loose Finishing Powder
Don't get me wrong, I love my CC cream. However, I've noticed that sometimes especially in the summer I can get a little bit shiny. I had been using the same finishing powder for years. It was kept my makeup on for 12+ hours but sometimes I felt like my face looked oily. I've been in the market for a new finishing powder, so I was glad to give this one a whirl. It seems to last all day even in the heat. It also does something amazing, it takes away the shine on your face without dulling your complexion. You still maintain a youthful healthy inner glow without looking greasy or oily, which is not an easy feat. It's a new favorite for sure and holy grail powder!

Have you guys ever used jane iredale? What are your favorite products? 

This was a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

Friday Favorites!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015