Local Stops: Ice Castles New Hampshire

Sunday, March 1, 2015

On Saturday I went to go see the Ice Castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The castles are made by harvesting and sculpting ice together all by hand. It's really incredible!

We went in the ice castle twice once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. We wanted to see how it looked in the day so we went there first. Then we went to eat, and came back in the dark to see how it looked all lit up. Different times of day and weather conditions all bring out different colors in the ice. If you are only able to go once during the day I would recommend coming at night. It's a bit more crowded but the castle really comes alive with all of the colored lights that seem to dance along with the music. There are people juggling fire in the middle of the castle and all the stars are out above you. We really had a ton of fun! Everybody has been doing nothing but complaining about how cold it has been and how they hate winter. This just goes to remind you how beautiful winter can be.

If you are planning on going dress warmly! It's very cold inside the castle. Also, wear waterproof winter boots you will be walking on ice and snow. You can check out all the Ice Castles locations here

Update Your Wardrobe Without Buying A Thing

Monday, February 16, 2015

UPDATE: You can now watch the live segment online here.

In case you guys couldn't tune into my live segment today I'm sharing the same tips here for you! When we think about changing or elevating our style we tend to think that we have to go on a shopping spree and buy new on trend items. However, it is possible to elevate your sense of style with the items you already have in your closet. It's all about styling and looking at these items with a fresh set of eyes. Here are some guidelines to get your started:

Mix your prints. If you have been limiting your outfits to just one item with a print for fear of looking like a clown, fear no more! There are no rules when it comes to mixing prints, it is just a matter of your personal preference. One of my favorite ways to mix prints is using two prints that have at least one color in common. You can also mix two colors together; if two colors look good together chances are the prints will also look good together. If you're afraid of your outfit being too busy don't wear a printed top with a printed blazer, spread your prints out throughout the outfit. Keep in mind the simpler your prints, the easier they are to mix. I always say stripes are the neutral of prints, so that's a good place to start. 

Transform a dress into a skirt with a top. Give your dresses a whole new life and use them as a skirt. Throwing a top or a sweater over a dress can completely transform it. You can make a strapless dress appropriate for work and create a multitude of looks with just one dress. 

Style black + navy together. This was previously thought of as a no-no but it is so on trend right now! Wear a navy top with your black pants or mix a navy blazer with a black blouse to change it up!

Put a hat on. Topping off your outfit with a hat can take it to the next level. We all have hats in our closet that we can throw on to transform a look whether it be a fedora or a baseball cap. 

Embrace winter whites. I don't believe in the no white after labor day rule. I love winter whites! Try throwing a cozy white sweater over your white jeans you had previously reserved for spring and summer.

It's all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone a little bit!

Enjoy your week guys!

A Chic and Inviting Home

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I hope everybody has been having a fabulous week! I've been prepping for my live segment next week and doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the blog. I'm so excited about a lot of the things I have going on and I can't wait to share them with you. I'll see you guys back here next week! Until then enjoy this beautiful interior design inspiration...

How gorgeous is this decor? It is a perfect example of how dark walls can feel cozy as opposed to gloomy and claustrophobic. So many of the pieces in this home are bursting with character creating a warm and inviting home. I love the mix of modern and timeless styles that the home offers. The nautical and bohemian elements work well together and produce a unique sense of identity in the home. I'm so in love with the color combination in the first two images. So dreamy! 

All images via Style Me Pretty. Photography by Danielle Poff.  

Blue + Gold Chic

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I've been dying to get more outfit posts up for you guys but it's been way too cold to shoot outside and I haven't had time in my schedule to head to locations. I've resorted to playing with photoshop to share outfit ideas. In case you didn't get the memo I'm in love with Kendra Scott's Spring Collection. I'm also crazy for this new Lilly scarf and just love it mixed with navy and white stripes. I gravitate to stripes all year round but especially in the spring. Something about the season just makes me want to go more nautical with my style. Do you tend to change your style with the seasons? I've been trying to get a little more personal on the blog lately and share more about myself with each post. Let me know what you guys want to hear and see!

Also, I have some exciting news! I will be doing a live fashion segment on a local lifestyle show in a couple of weeks and then again next month! Hopefully I can share a link to the segments with you guys! I'll let you know more about that soon.

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Currently Obsessed: SpaRoom Aromalizer

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I have been interested in an essential oil diffuser ever since I heard Sarah from Holistic Habits mention how much she loved hers. They have one at my yoga studio but it's usually not on, the other day the owner had turned it on and I was immediately in love. Diffusers provide therapeutic benefits by breaking essential oils into small particles which are then carried by a cool water mist. This diffuser operates at a higher frequency than your average diffuser, making strong vapor stay in the air longer. Essential oils have been proven for their therapeutic actions including killing bacteria and viruses, boosting your immune system, reducing stress, uplifting mood, and improving rest. There are literally thousands of uses and benefits of essential oils.

SpaRoom sent me their Aromalizer diffuser to try out. Almost immediately after turning the diffuser on the essential oil is in noticeable in the air and providing you benefits. I have a problem with a lot of scents, because I get scent triggered migraines. The oils haven't given me one yet. The diffuser is so simple, all you need is 3/4 cup of water and a few drops of the oil of your choice. There is no heat and no chemicals involved unlike a lot of candles that give off toxins that can be carcinogenic. Another one of my favorite features is the self-timer and an auto-shutoff. So I'm not worried about falling asleep with it on. I love the light that you can turn on or off. It helps put me in a zen mood at night when I turn it on. It really does allow you to turn any room in your home into a spa-like environment!

I've been diffusing Four Thieves Blend, lemon oil, and a sleep blend. I can't wait to try out new oils and blends! Do you guys have a favorite essential oil?

Furry Footwear: Fashionable + Functional Boots for Dogs

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I had been looking for a pair of boots for Penny Lane to help protect her paws from our harsh winters here in Massachusetts when I ran across Furry Footwear. They offer so many great options for dog footwear. Shoes on dogs are not just a fashion statement, it's also about safety and cleanliness. If you're walking around in the city the ground is filthy and your dog is walking on it with bare feet. There may even be sharp objects that could cut their paw. In the winter, ice and salt can really bother dog's feet. Their paws can get cut, or raw and really irritated. It's important to protect them from these elements.

I had a really pleasant experience getting the boots. I measured Penny's feet according to their sizing chart, and like she usually is with clothes she was strangely between sizes, so I contacted their customer support to be sure. They were so helpful and helped me get Penny the right size for her feet. We decided on the Chicago boots as they would match most of her cold weather outfits the best. The first time we tried them on was a little challenging, sometimes Penny Lane can be a bit stubborn. If you are buying boots or any shoes for your dog for the first time don't get discouraged if when you try them on it's a nightmare. Be patient! Your dog will get used to the shoes!

We took Penny Lane out in the snow and her feet were warm and protected, which made me feel better. I always get really nervous her feet will get cut on the ice or start burning from salt/ice melt products. She still tries to buck them off a little bit but once she gets walking she forgets that they're on her feet and just walks normally. Penny Lane loves to be outside and we go for walks no matter what the weather. I'm glad that her feet are now protected, not to mention how cute they look! I keep sending pictures and videos of Penny in the boots and everyone gets the biggest kick out of it. I'm thinking about trying a different pair of shoes in the summer, because they also have little sneakers that would protect her paws from the hot asphalt.